Top 10 Valuable Gemstones

Thousand of minerals in existence on this earth and we don’t know many of them maybe we didn’t see in our lifetime.

These minerals, rock and organic materials are composed and formed; gemstones. For now, average 300 hundred gemstones are recorded and these are valuable than more than diamonds. Some of the gemstones are not founded in normal jewel stores. They museumization them. You can found which one is found with money in our list.

In my opinion, this post attracts females attention and make their wallets empty. Sorry guys but don’t worry we will post for you şn the future!

10-Jeremejevite-$2,000 per carat

Discovered by  Pavel Vladimirovich Eremeev. Found in Siberia in1 883. It is suitable or jewelry making. This stone is generally found in blue or yellow also that can be confused with almost all other gems of similar color. Identification is achieved by measuring physical properties e.g. refractive index. (Al6B5O15(F, OH)3)


9-Black Opal-$2,355 per carat

This gemstone is the national gemstone of Australia. Opal is an actually amorphous form of silica that related with quarts so it’s not a mineral. Opal can change its color form depending on environmental conditions. Black opal is characterized by a dark body tone which can range from dark grey to jet black.  (SiO2·nH2O)


8-Bixbite(Red Beryl)  -$10,000 per carat

The gemstones can be found in Juab County and Beaver County an Sierra County, Stone is found by Lamar Hodges. Bixbite is rarely found above 2-3 carats. Members of the beryl family are beryllium aluminum cyclosilicate by chemical composition. Pure beryl is actually colorless; the various colors occur from the presence of impurities, such as chromium and vanadium, iron and manganese (red beryl). (Be3Al2Si6O18)


7-Musgravite-$35,000 per carat

This silicate mineral gemstone is found in San Benito County, California. Gemstone made up of barium, titanium, and silica. Musgravite is one of the rare gemstones that have been seeking these years for the collection at GAAJ laboratory. This gem material is known to be very difficult to be distinguished from taaffeite, which is also a rare variety, and its identification methods needed to be established. Its color is bright blue. (BaTiSi3O9)


6-Painite-$50,000 per carat

It’s discovered by Arthur C. Pain. Stone has involved iron, vanadium, and chromium. It is a rarely foundable stone in the world.


5-Grandidierite – $20,000 per carat

The gemstone was found by Alfred Grandidier in Madagascar. This rare gemstone can be colored blue, green and white light. t forms in the orthorhombic crystal system. Grandidierite is typically bluish green in color and derives its distinctive color from traces of iron. Gemmy material is translucent to transparent. ( (Mg, Fe2+)Al3(BO3)(SiO4)O2


4-Blue Garnet- $1.5 million per carat

This gemstone found in Madagascar in the 1990s but it mined also in Russia, USA, and Turkey. It has blue-green shade but according to the light, it becomes purple.


3-Serendibite- $2 million per carat

First founded in Sri Lanka in 1902. This rare gemstone is found only in two areas, Ratnapura-Sri Lanka and Mogok-Burma. Gemstones found are blue-green, light blue and pale yellow.((Ca,Na)2(Mg,Fe2+)3(Al,Fe3+)3[O2|(Si,Al,B)6O18])


2-Red Diamond-$2 million per carat

This is the second rarest and expensive gemstone in the world. It can be found in Australia. Actually, this gemstone is formed by plastic deformation of the crystal lattice. There are less than 30 red diamonds found around the world and many of them is a half carat.


1-Jadeite-$3 million per carat

This gemstone is found in Guatemala. Stone is green, emerald green and bluish green. This item is valuable because of historical reasons Mesoamerican Olmec used it.



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