Top 10 Treasure Hunts

During the history there are many treasures were hidden in mysterious places. Even after thousands of years, there are still a lot of treasures missing nowadays. Pirates were known most of the locations and went after them. Most of them died but some of them succeeded. We have gathered these people who successfully follow the myths and get their treasures. However, there are still some treasures around the world that are still missing. Let’s check what they are.

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10. Clock without any face

McSweeney’s novel which is about the missing valuable stones of one of the clock becomes real. The novel contains clues of the diamonds locations. Some of the readers went after the story and actually found one of the diamond numbers.

9. Dutch Schultz Treasure

Dutch Schultz was a gangster in the United States. We got a fortune out of the people and the business owner of his killings. However, he was gunned down in 1930’s but nobody knew about his fortune. Up to this day, the location of his treasure is unknown.

8. Ark of the Covenant


According to the news on History Channel, Moses had a Golden Chest which was used to protect relics such as 10 commandments. This chest was carried for 40 years into the forest then hidden in King Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem. It has never been found, but there are many people are still searching for it.

7. Montezuma’s Treasure

Aztec emperor Montezuma offered Spaniard intruders many golds and valuable items when they arrived. He thought he could repel Spaniard invade if they were nice to them and give presents to them. But he was wrong. Hernan Cortes prisoned Montezuma. However, Aztecs have rebelled later. Unfortunately, in the chaos of rebellion Montezuma was killed. When Aztecs were escaping in chaos they threw all treasure to Texcoco Lake. Hernan Cortes later went to search for the treasure but it was all gone missing.

6. Treasure of Lima

When revolutionary forces arrived in the 17th century to Lima, Spaniards hide all the treasure that they stole from Incas. However, since revolutionary forces approached they have trusted English sea captain William Thompson to hide the treasure until they are back. Unfortunately, Thompson and his crew killed Spanish guards to take over the treasure. However, When Spanish took over the control of Thompsons’ ship, they have killed all the crew except Thompson. Thompson succeeds to escape and never heard again. Treasure worths $200 M today.

5. Mosby’s Treasure

Colonel John Singleton Mosby was a Confederate ranger. He fought in the battle and many of his battles were won by techniques. He gathered a lot of treasure once and when he was bringing prisoners back to the camp, he informed that the enemy was coming after him. Therefore, he hides his treasure between two large pine tree. Later, he sent the man to gather the treasure back, however, his man was caught and hanged. He never went back after the treasure. Treasure is still missing.

4. The Alamo Treasure

Alamo castle is very famous and very important for Texans. There are many rumors that during the war all the treasure of Texas was buried either under or around the Alamo castle, but up to this day, nobody knows its exact location.

3. Victorio Peak Treasure

Doc and Babe Boss, before the United States used New Mexico discovered many skeletons and treasures in a cave. In order to get the treasure out, they used dynamite but collapsed the cave. They were never able to find the treasure and it is still missing to this day.

2. Blackbeards Treasure

Blackbeard is the most famous pirate who ruled the Carrabian Islands, Mexico bay, etc. He attacked to Spaniard ships and their treasure when they were stealing gold and valuable items from Latin America. In the end, Lieutenant Robert Meynard succeeded to kill him after a brutal war. Before he was decapitated, Blackbeard confessed that he hide his massive treasure, but never told its location.

1. Nazi Gold

Close to the end of the World War II, Nazi’s understood that they were going to lose the battle. However, they have invaded and stolen a lot of treasures. The amount of treasure was so big that they have to carry them with trains. It is rumored that they are still hidden in the mountains. Nowadays, we hear rumors about Nazi gold that dug up in Egypt china, etc.


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