Top 10 Tortures of History

History contains brutalities during the timeline of civilization. If you didn’t obey the rules, you wouldn’t judge as today. There were punishments you couldn’t even imagine. We have listed the top 10 of the tortures in the history for you. However, we would like to warn that if you are under 18 do not read this article.

Torture was used in order to punish or receive information from someone. Of course, there are brutal leaders used these methods only for punishment as well. Once you were reading, you will feel stomach turning feeling just by reading. Now imagine there were people who had to face these punishments…

10. Iron Maiden

The victim was placed inside the iron maiden which size is just enough for one person. Inside is decorated with spikes so the victim wouldn’t move or spiked from every angle of his body. Torturer asks questions and pokes him with more spikes to hurt the victim.

9. The Rack

One of the most brutal medieval tortures of all time is the rack. It has two round wooden pieced and ropes to tie the victim. The victim is placed in the middle and tied to the wooden cylinders. He is asked questions and stretched until he reveals his secrets. This torture device is used to dislocate all the joints in the body. Even though all joints of the victim is dislocated torturers still stretches until the victim is torn apart.

8. Rat Torture

Rats are already a torture by itself. However, they used them to torture in medieval times. Torturer ties a cage to the victim’s belly. Then, they place rats in the cage. The side of the cage which is in the victim’s belly is open. Later, torturer starts applying heat to the top of the cage. Rats, do not like hot, so they try to escape from the place where they can find the best place which is the victim’s belly. They start scratching and chewing the organs of the victim.

7. Spanish Donkey

This is one of the most brutal tortures of the Spanish Inquisition. The victim is placed on a wooden sharp item. Later, he/she is put weight on their feet slowly and torn apart as well. It will start tearing the genitals of the victim first then the organs and later kills.

6. Saw Torture

Without any further explanation, we are disturbed by only looking at this picture. We can say that history is full of brutal techniques and tortures. In this torture, the victim is hanged on the wooden stage with legs separated. Later torturer starts cutting them with a saw. By cutting starting from genitals doesn’t kill the victim in the first place, so victims feel all the pain.

5. Hanged, Drowned, Quartered.

This torture is one of the worst tortures in the history. The victim is not killed fully, they just suffer to death. First of all, the torturers hang the victim and let him suffocate for a while. Right before he dies, they stop. Next, torturers drown the victims and as same as the first one they stop right before they die. At last, they rip apart the victim by pulling them. As a conclusion, they kill the victim 3 times.

4.The Breast Ripper

This item is specially designed to torture women. As understood from the title, it is used to rip the victim’s breast. The ripper is heated very hot first then used to penetrate the breast and the skin. it rips a major flesh and causes blood loss.

3.The Judas Cradle

This torture device is used with a naked victim. The victim is placed on the top of a spike-shaped wooden item. The victim’s hands and foot are tied. Torturers force the victim down to tear him down. This torture may take days but generally, they do not wash or clean the sitting area so victim dies because of the dirt and microbes.

2. Impalement

This torture is generally used by Romanians. Torturers place the victims on sharp stick poles. Later, they increase the length slowly day by day and kill the victim slowly as their wish.

1. The Brazen Bull

Far worse torture of all, the brazen bull. The victim is placed inside an iron bull. As you can see from the picture belly of the bull is set on the fire. Therefore, the victim is slowly cooking until the victim is dead. While the victim is slowly cooking, the smell is released by the nose of the bull to show people what will happen if they do not obey. We believe that inside the bull is not very hygienic either.

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