Top 10 Terrarium Ideas


Terrariums are the new fashion indoor gardens for your apartment. If you live in a crowded city, you may miss the nature. Well, it is time for you to bring some of the miniature nature to your apartment. Terrariums come in many forms. It is an actual art, the only limit is your imagination. Let’s check top 10 terrarium ideas we picked for you.

1- Tree & Arbour

This is one of our favorite design. Tree and arbor is a perfect combination of your dream house garden. This visual perfection is perfectly suitable for a combination with wooden furniture.


2- River


This terrarium has a river view with a great technique. It brings good outdoor memories such as hiking, etc.


3- French Press Terrarium

This terrarium idea is great for your kitchen. Especially, if you like coffee as much as we do, we recommend this design for you. Separating stones with the filter and showing all layers of the ground is a genius idea. A couple of these designs in your kitchen will make drinking coffee whole another experience.


4- Magical Forest

Another great design by the maker. This beautiful replica of the miniature forest is lighted. It can be used as a nightstand. Who wouldn’t want to have this next to their bed?

The lighting gives this terrarium also an exotic atmosphere.


5- My Preciousss Terrariumssss…

If you like adventures and fantastic stories as much as we do, then this is the great terrarium idea for you. As it seems, a little hobbit house is one of the greatest ideas for a terrarium for anywhere in your house. It is not complicated, but great things come with simplicity. In this case, this is a great example of the beauty of the simplicity.


 6- Forest Terrarium 

Another great rock and forest combination. The little details such as sharp-edged trees on the rocky areas are too smart to include.


House in woods

This is a peaceful masterpiece. Only looking at it makes us cozy. Who wouldn’t want to have a house in the forest? Simply beautiful.


8- DC vs. Marvel

uh oh, looks like trouble guys. I can see that two universes are combined in a terrarium world. I hope they don’t mess up inside of the terrarium as they always do in their movies.


 Tree House

Wow! Look at the size of this terrarium. (Of course, it doesn’t matter, I mean maybe..) Great idea and a great design as a result of perfection.



Last but not least, of course, Star Wars themed terrariums. If you are a fan, we know already you are looking for the source of this beautiful masterpieces. Excellent details. You can find more and detailed info at the source link.


We have analyzed 10 terrarium ideas for you above. As you can see, you can create your own terrariums and you can create anything on your mind. Your limit is your imagination. With the necessary tools and your imagination, you can create great masterpieces and next time we can pick your terrarium ideas for our top list.

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