Top 10 Tallest People In Hıstory

In a history of humanity, lots of tall people lived. Some of them are known and become famous because of their tallness. Medical explanation is “Pituitary gigantism”.It means excessive growth and too much height due to chronic overactivity of the pituitary gland which is located at the base of the brain.

Living with this gigantism is getting harder and harder because pituitary glands activity and daily conditions are limited to them.

There is one male is living from our Top 10list. Let’s check it;

10-Brahim Takioullah

8 ft 1 in (2 m 46 cm)

Takioullah was born in Morocco in 1982. He started to grow-up unusually at 18. After that day his life becomes harder than before. He can’t drive a car or walk fast again.

Also, he has the “world’s largest feet on a living person”  at over 15 inches in length.


9-Don Koehler

8 ft 2 in (2 m 49 cm)

Don Koehler was born in September 1925 in Montana. He started to grow-up at 10.His twin sister was 5 feet 9 inches for a record difference of 29 inches between the two twins as recognized by Guinness. Life is hard for him and his family. He slept doubled size bed and when he stood up his head touched to the ceiling. In his life, he suffered from the medical condition kyphosis, resulting in curvature of the spine. He died at 55.


8-Vikas Uppal

8 ft 3 in (2 m 51 cm)

He was born in India in 1986.  Actually, he was never officially measured by the Guinness World Records because Guinees has very strict rules so he was contested about his tallness.


7-Bernard Coyne

8 ft 2 in (2 m 49 cm)

Bernard was born July 27, 1897, in Iowa, USA.  He had a tough life. He died at his 23 because of hardening of the liver and glandular fever. His tallness is never be confirmed officially but he could have been as tall as 8 ft 4 in.


6-Sultan Kösen

8 ft 3 in (2 m 51 cm)

Turkish Sultan Kösen is the tallest living man in the world. He started to grow-up at fastly 10 and he reached quickly shot up to over six feet. An attempt to remove Kösen’s tumor in 2008 was thought to have been successful, but the growth rate was not stopped.

Because of a tumor was buried so deep in Kösen’s brain, the  University of Virginia used a “gamma knife” technique, focusing beams of radiation to remove the growth.  New special technique and equipment were used during the surgery and tumor were removed and Sköse’S growing was stopped in 2010.


5-Edouard Beaupré

8 ft 3 in (2 m 51 cm)

He was born in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1881. He was the 5th tallest person in the world.  He discovered that he could lift an 800-pound horse when he was at 17. He wanted to be a cowboy but life made him a circus freak. When he was 21, Beaupré joined Barnum and Bailey’s Circus.

One day he drank a cup of tea and began coughing up blood. He tried to reach to the hospital but he couldn’t. He died at the age of 23 because of a pituitary gland tumor.

Doctors realized his growing was not finished.


4-Väinö Myllyrinne

8 ft 3 in (2 m 51 cm)

He was born in 1909 in Helsinki. HE reached 7 ft. when he was 21. In his thirties, he reached 2m 51 cm.

He was the first tallest soldier in the world. He joined Finnish Defence Forces.

Also, his hands were huge like 15.7 inches wide.

He died at the age of 54.


3-John F. Carroll

8 ft 7.5 in (2 m 63 cm)

He was born in 1932 in Buffalo, New York. John Carroll was referred to as the “Buffalo Giant”. He started the growth enormously at 16 and never stop until his death.

Carroll was afflicted by his tumor to his spine. It was the hardest times for him so he couldn’t stand on his feet.

He measured 8.75 ft before his death.


2-John Rogan

8 ft 9 in (2 m 67 cm)

He was born in Tennessee in 1865.  He began to grow very quickly at the age of 13. At this time he started t0 use crutches for walking. In 1882  he couldn’t stand or walk. He lived on by selling postcards at the trains station and some of them were published.

John Rogan died on 12 September 1905 from complications of ankylosis.


1-Robert Wadlow

8 ft 11 in (2 m 72 cm)

He was born on February 22, 1918’de in Alton, Illinois. First, he was born only 3.8 kg as a normal baby, but he reached  2,24 m when he was 13. He sat on a special chair during his education life. After these years walking was become torture for him but hi attend a circus shows with Ringling Brothers Circus.

He wore 37 different shoes for special design for him which cost 100.000$.

Also, he was being a Mason in Illinois community.

He got infected from his left knee, and he couldn’t survive this injury at his 22.



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