Top 10 Serial Killers

There are many psychopaths in the world, but these one are separated by their killing quantity. These people spread terror to their surroundings and they are the reason for our nightmares.

Imagine someone suddenly decides to kill you in a very wild way. Just the thought of it is terrifying. Some of these people kill for fun and they deserve the worst for themselves. Thank God most of them got what they deserve.

10. Ted Bundy (30+ kill)

Ted Bundy who looks nice and handsome outside was one of the most known serial killers. He was known as keeping his victims heads in his house as a trophy.

9. John Wayne Gacy (33 Kills)

Killed minimum 33 boys. Known as a clown killer. He was going hospitals with a clown costume to kids sections.

8.  Andrei Chikatilo (53 kills)

Chikatilo was a serial killer in Soviet times. After he was caught his relatives wanted authorities to release him so they could kill him.

7. Tommy Lynn Sells (70 kills)

Killed over 70  people wildly.

6. Gary Ridgway (70)

The famous murderer of “Green River” Case.  He killed 70 prostitutes.


5. Javed Iqbal Mughal (100)

Iqbal was known for his interest with young boys.

4. Pedro Rodriguez  Filho (118)

He performed his first kill to revenge his dad when he was 14. He wasn’t only a serial killer, what separated him from others was he was going after other criminals and psychopaths.

3. Daniel Camargo (150)

Daniel Camargo raped and killed 150 young girls.


2. Dr. Harold Shipman (250)

Dr. Harold Shipman who killed 250 of his patients by wrong medication on purpose.

1. Pedro Alonso Lopez (300)

Pedro Alonso who lived in Latin America killed over 300 people and raped 110 people.


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