Top 10 Mysteries of the World

The world is too old for us to understand or remember some mysteries. There are many things in the world which we cannot give any meaning to it. Therefore, they still keep their mystery with them. We can only predict what could be happened before. Have you ever wondered, what happened before? What has been secretly hidden in the history before writing was discovered? Here are the top 10 mysteries of our world.

10. Where is Cleopatras Tomb

It is believed that CleopatraVII is buried with her lover Mark Antony. It is believed that their bodies are buried close to Isis Temple. Also, it is believed that they are buried with lots of gold, silver, emeralds, pearls, ebony, and ivory. However, until today their tombs are still missing.


9. Japan’s Underwater Treasures

Skeptics say and found a lost city close to Japan, Okinawa. The most interesting thing is that the images from the underwater city are identical to Incas. The roads, buildings, staircases were all identical.


8. Spirit Cave Mummy

Sydney and Georgia Wheeler found a mummy in ‘spirit cave’ in 1940. However, later in 1994 researched figured out that the skeleton is actually 9,400 years old and the resemblance was Japanese.


7. Egyptian Treasures in Grand Canyon

An Egyptian treasure has been found in Grand Canyon. No one knows how those mummies and treasures were found there and nobody has explained anything so far.


6. Mu (Lemuria)

It is a mythical continent. However, many people believe that it existed through evidence. They have found many constructions in the Pacific Ocean that couldn’t be explained.


5.Sunken City of Cuba

It is discovered in 2001. The city is found 650 meters below the surface. It is a complete city that sunk. However, there is no historical information regarding the lost city of Cuba. To this year we still do not know anything about its history. Like it never existed before.


4. The Nazca Lines

These lines were discovered in Nazca Desert. It is believed to be made by aliens. However, of course, there are still people that don’t believe in them.


3. The Mayan Calendar

A Mayan calendar is a great object that it is believed to be predicting the future. Many of the predictions have become true. However, the date of 2012 the end of the world didn’t happen. The weird thing is that scientists and mathematicians couldn’t solve the mysteries of the stone.


2. Pyramids and Sphinx

Pyramids and Sphinx are great constructions by Egyptians. However, are they really made by Egyptians? Even though many people like to believe it was only Egyptians, there are a lot of mysteries of Pyramids. Such as healing powers that cannot be explained still. On the other hand, construction of the pyramids is completed such a short time that even with today’s technology it was impossible to do it. Another fact is that the stones and the wood that was used in the construction did not belong to Egypt area. They have belonged to America continent.


1. Location of Atlantis

Atlantis is the most mysterious continent ever. Many people believe that Atlantis existed and they were technologically improved. Even in the past, they had a better technology than now. It is believed to be located in the Bermuda triangle.


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