Top 10 Most Expensive Houses

We all live in a house or an apartment. However, there are some of us that live in mansions and houses so big that our entire family would live there without seeing each other. We have gathered some of the examples of these houses for you. The luxury will blow your mind and you will never look at your house the same again. Be careful, these images may cause bad syndromes for living in your house.

10. (Dracula's) Bran Castle

Bran castle is the chateau of the legendary vampire Vlad the Impaler. Legends have many stories about Vlad the Impaler, however the most famous of all is of course, where he is the vampire that protects the city from Ottoman attacks.

The estimated cost is $ 135 000 000. (One Hundred and Thirty-Five Million Dollars)

9. Updown Court, Surrey

This house has everything inside. From Bowling saloon to the pool room. They say if Elton John was a house he would be this one. However, this house is very hard to sell because of M3 motorway is making a lot of noise for this price.

The estimated cost is $ 138 000 000 (One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Million Dollars)

8. The Manor, USA

This house has a size of 56,500 Square Feet. Market price is the highest one around California.

The estimated cost is $ 150 000 000 (One Hundred and Fifty Million Dollars)

7. Hearst Mansion

Hearst Mansion is high above the clouds on top of The Enchanted Hill. It was started construction by William Randolf Hearst.

The estimated cost is $ 190 000 000 (One Hundred and Ninty Million Dollars)

6. Ellison Estate

The owner is Larry Ellison who is worth 43 billion dollars.

Estimated cost with $200 000 000.

5. Kensington Palace Gardens (18 - 19)

It is located in Londons' most expensive area. It is also in the most beautiful flower (tulips) garden in England.

The estimated cost is $ 222 000 000 (Two Hundred and Twenty-Two Million Dollars.)

4. Penthouse, London

This house is the newest one among. It is located close to the center when compared to other houses.

The estimated cost is $ 225 000 000 (Two Hundred and Twenty-five Million Dollars)

3. Villa Leopolda

This villa is set in on 18 acres land. There is a forest that size in the world. The villa is located in France. It was constructed in 1895 by King Leopold. It has a unique Mediterranean construction.

The estimated cost is $ 750 000 000. (Seven Hundred and Fifty Million Dollars)

2. Antilia

It is located in South Mumbai, India. As you know many rich people have many houses around the world. However, not Mukesh Ambani. He has created his own fortress in his city.

The estimated cost is $ 1 000 000 000. (One Billion Dollars)

1. Buckingham Palace

Of course, our top 1 couldn't be anywhere than the Buckingham Palace. As you may guess already, lovely Queen Elizabeth II is spending her life there.

The Estimated cost is $ 1 550 000 000 (One Billion and Five Hundred and Fifty Million Dollars)

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