Top 10 Most Expensive Food

Life is food. We absolutely love to eat anytime and anywhere during the day. However, there are some of them that will make you gasp when you hear their prices. Would you ever pay a million dollars for a dessert? We do not know you and your economic situation but it is a little bit too much for us. just a little! Of course, we do not judge this expensive food because they are a piece of art in reality by their creators.

Let’s check these extraordinary foods and their prices counting back from 10 to 1.

10. Douche Burger

This burger is created by 666 Burger Truck located in New York. It has all the expensive food such as caviar, goose liver, Kobe steak etc. Also, it is safe to say this is a very popular burger.

Price: $ 666


9. Sultan’s Golden Cake

As you can realize from the name, Sultan’s cake is the cake that is covered with gold in a place in Istanbul.

Price. $ 1000


8. Pizza 007

Chief Domenico Crolla created one of the attentive pizza and succeed to sell it. It has lobster marinated with brandy, salmon, caviar, etc.

Price: $ 4200


7. Fleur Burger

This burger is created with a Kobe steak in Las Vegas.

Price: $ 5000


6. Anqi Pho Soup

I wish someone brought this soup to me when I was sick, I would frame it. It has Wagyu meat and blue lobster in it.

Price: $ 5000


5. Pink Bite Burger

I believe out of all, this is the most meaningful expensive food ever. The reason is the burger is sold so expensively is because of charity. Regarding Chest Cancer awareness, this burger is sold at auction.

Price: $ 7000

4. Castle Dessert

This is a dessert looks like a castle and decorated with the total of 80-carat diamonds.

Price: $14500


3. Frozen Chocolate Ice Cream

There are 28 different cacao mixed with 24-carat gold. Yes, You heard it correct actual gold.

Price: $ 25000


2. Pudding

Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel serves their customers a delighting dessert.

Price: $ 34531

1. Strawberry Arnaud

Well, at last, the most expensive dessert award goes to ….. Strawberry Arnaud. This dessert comes with 7,09 Carat Diamond which makes a great proposal idea for rich of course.

Price: $ 3,95 Million

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