Top 10 Dangerous Airports

If you are scared of flying with planes, this topic might be terrifying for you because we prepared most dangerous airports in the world. Maybe you landed before and you knew how you manage this situation. But we have a solution for gledes! 1- Close your eyes 2 -put your headphones 3-  think your vacation or sleep. Good luck.

10-Congonhas-Sao Paulo Airport / Brasil

It’s hard to land on the airport because it’s close to city center. .So pilots must negotiate with skyscrapers. Pilots have to make noise for paying attention for taking off. It has 3 commercial runways. There are 21 accidents since 1943.

9-Toncontin International Airport/Honduras

The airport is placed 1,004 m above sea level and close to the mountain. So only the acrobatic moves can save the plane. The other feature is; It serves military and civilian aircraft.

8-Madeira Airport-Santa Catarina/Santa

It is placed on an island. It is tricky for landing even for the experienced pilots. Airport popularity was increased after Cristiano Ronaldo’s name was given to airport’s name.


7-Barra Airport-Barra/Scotland

This is the different type of airport from the others. You can’t land at nights except for emergency situations, and you can use beach airport only scheduled flights.


6-Courchevel Airport-Courchevel/France

Beautiful place for the holiday but not for the landing. It serves on the Alp Mountain for the special planes. There is always with fog and snowy. But you have a chance to ski and throwing snowballs at your enemies.


5-Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport-Saba/ Carribean Netherlands

It’s the only airport only on Sabaa island. Its the shortest airport on the earth. End to end length is only 396 meters; this means if the pilot couldn’t the distance of landing, a plane will be landed on the sea surface. In a normal day(windy) there are 30 landing on this airport.


4-Gibraltar International Airport/Gibraltar

This airport is the most dangerous airport in Europe. It constructed for British Navy  for emergency landings. The weird thing is; this airport runway is passed through the main street so vehicles must wait when the plane takes off.


3-Ice Runway/Antartica

There are no obstacles to landing the planes so huge planes or aircraft able to land this area. The dangerous part is weather and pilot must be careful and pray for the landing to the tough ground. Ice is getting thinner and weaker because of global warming.


2-Princess Juliana International Airport-Simpson Bay/Sint Maarten

It is second most dangerous airports but the busiest airport. The runway is near the beach and planes fly 20 meters over the people which are lying on the ground. It causes very loud noise and presents a danger. Also, the jet blast of departing and arriving aircraft can cause severe physical harm resulting in bodily harm/deaths.


1-Lukla Airport (Tenzing -Hillary Airport)-Lukla/Nepal

It was stated most dangerous airport in 2010. It is placed to 2900 meters height and runway length is only 460meters. Pilots have to deal with winds and clouds over there. Pilots flying skills must be high leveled.  I don’t know why did they do on top of the earth but it works.


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