Top 10 Longest Railways

Before cars and planes, locomotives handled the transports. They deliver goods, crates, and people used for going somewhere. That’s why railways always extended in these years. Also, the trains are getting faster and faster.

It’s beautiful to look outside from inner train. Trees pass in front of your eyes fastly and you dream future or your life. Fr your dreams we prepare the longest railways to travel. Enjoy!!

10-Sonpur Railway  Station -Sonpur-Bihar / India

737.920 meters

Station Code: SEE

Passengers=50,000 per day

Sonpur railways located in Sonpur City.

Number of Platforms: 4

Trains passing through the Sonpur Junction Railway station in the state of Bihar.


9-Kalgoorlie Train Station- Kalgoorlie, West Australia

759.866 meters

Passengers=52,200 per day

Station’s platform is the longest in Western Australia.

Number of Platforms: 3


8-East Perth Railway Station-Pert/West Australia

769.924 meters

Open Date:1969

Number of Platforms: 2


7-Jhansi Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh/  India

769.924 meters

Station Code: JHS

Number of Platforms: 8


6-Cheriton Service Terminal- Folkestone, UK

790.956 meters

Opened: 6th May 1994

Number of Platforms: 8


5-Bilaspur Railway Station, Chhattisgarh,/India

801.928 meters

Number of Platforms: 8

Opened: February 14, 1889


4-State Street Metro-Chicago, Illinois, ABD

1.067.104 meter

Number of Platforms: 9

Opened: December 1938


3-Kharagpur Railway Station -WestBengal, India

1.072.591 meters

Number of Platforms: 12

Opened: 1898


2-Kollam Railway Station, Kerala / India

1.180.490 meters

Opened: June 1, 1904

Number of Platforms: 6


1-Gorakhpur Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh/India

1.366.418 meters

Number of Platforms: 8

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