Top 10 Longest Bridges

Can you imagine if the bridges do not exist? What if the only way to use another path, ferry or plane to pass the cross? Some of the places are hard to reach without bridges.

We built bridges to connect the two sides of land and make easier to travel and we don’t spend more time. So these constructions are important for us. Also, these longest bridges were made in long times so it’s not easy to build them.

You may find the list of 10 longest bridges to reach the other way.

10-Hangzhou Bay Bridge – China

Opened Date:  2008

The longest sea-crossing bridge worldwide at 22.1 miles=35.5 km. Over 600 expert designed this bridge and builders approximately dealt with 10 years for construction. It was hard to build because this bridge was planned to connect two land means; there will be an offshore bridge.

Connecting the Zhengjiadai in Jiaxing in the north to the Shuiluwan in Ningbo in the south of Zhejiang Province.

Bridge reduce to time travel 4 to 2.5 hours. It is a big enjoy of travel the top of the sea. You may watch around and lose yourself in your dreams. Of course, if you are passenger or co-pilot.


9-Yangcun Bridge -China

Opened Date: 2007  Finished in years.

22.3= 35.7 km

The bridge carries over 50,000 cars a day.

Yangcun Bridge Connecting to Beijing-Tianjin intercity railway.


8-Manchac Swamp Bridge-USA

Opened Dat: 1979

22.8 miles = 36.6 km

Runs over Lake Maurepas. It spans a swamp that is supposedly haunted by a Rougarou (Cajun werewolf, also known as loup-garou) and a voodoo princess.

Be careful on the road because below the bridge lost alligator and they wait you go there like a vulture.


7-Lake Pontchartrain Causeway – USA

Opened Date: 1969

23.9 miles= 38.3 km

It knowns as the scariest bridge. Lots of accidents occurred on that bridge and second theory is; there are ghosts over the bridge. We don’t know why but it is a useful bridge because it is connecting between New Orleans and the New Orleans metropolitan area.


6-Beijing Grand Bridge- China

Opened Date:2010

29.9 miles=48.1 km

It is useful but a little narrow for an over-sea bridge. It is connecting South Beijing to Langfang.


5-Bang Na, Expressway- Thailand

33.5 miles=53.9 km

This bridge construction was built by several different companies. Highway 34 whereby contract the traffic must flow without interruption at a speed of 80 km/h.


4-Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge- China

Opened Date:2010

49.5 miles=79.6 km

The bridge is the longest bridge only for two years. Connecting Zhengzhou and Xian. Also, you able to cross the Wei River twice. Sometimes it can be dangerous because of the foggy weather.


3-Tianjin Grand Bridge-China

Opened Date:2010

70,6 miles= 1113.6 km

Connecting Langfang and Qingxian in China to the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway. It crosses land and the sea. It is the second longest bridge in China.


2-Changhua -Kaohsiung Viaduct – Taiwan

97.8 miles =157,2 km

Connecting Taipei to Kaohsiung. They can be used as a railway and fast-train. Lots of rain and green for the train. view.


1-Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge – China

Opened Date:2011

102.4 miles=164,7 km. It costs $8,5 billion.

This is the longest bridge in China and the world. It seems lots of two-side lands and high mountains in China. They are the leader of the brdige construction.

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