Top 10 Hottest Peppers around the World

Pepper is a global nutrition almost all cultures use in their food. However, some cultures are more into using pepper than others. When you say hot and spicy Mexico, Thailand comes to mind first. However, is that all? Do you think that you have tried spiciest pepper at all? Well, an answer to your question is in our list shown below. We are as excited as you are in this case, because we love pepper but the hot ones.

A small note to our readers; Spice of the peppers are compared according to SHU unit. SHU stands for “Scoville Heat Unit”. Also, since jalapeno is a common found pepper, its SHU is 2500.

Let’s Check out what is the hottest pepper around the world,

10 – Red Savina Habanero

Our number 10 is red savina habanero peppers. They have 500,000 SHU. When you compare to 2,500 SHU jalapeno, it is 200 times spicier than Jalapeno pepper.

9 – 7 Pot Red

7 Pot red peppers are number 9 in our list. However, even though it is right next to red savina habanero, the SHU amount is double! You heard it correct, we move down on our list just one item but the SHU reaches to 1,000,000.


8 – Bhut Jolokia  (Ghots Pepper)

Bhut Jolokia a.k.a Ghost Pepper! Most of the people around nows the name of this pepper as a ghost pepper. It fits the name because the other day it was in the news. Somebody made a pepper eating contest, however, probably he wasn’t aware that the peppers were ghost peppers. One of the competitor is taken to hospital because this pepper right here caused a severe damage on the throat. Come on people you cannot make a hot pepper eating contest with 1,001,304 SHU.


7 – Barrackpore

Barrackpore is also a family member of 7 pot reds. The SHU is 1,300,000.


6 – Naga Viper

Naga Viper, is the worlds 6th hottest pepper. Personally, you can understand from the name that you have to stay away from it. If something is named after a viper, why the hell do you try it? Well if you are curious about the SHU, let me tell you, it has 1,349,000 SHU. ıt is a rare type of pepper.


5 – Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

Oh, here we go again! another pepper named a wild posinous animal. Just stay away from it!. It has a SHU of 1,463,700. I believe, we are now looking for the top 5 hottest peppers around the world, and the SHU values are not letting me down.

Let’s see what else there are…


4 – 7 Pot Primo

Slowly we are approaching to the top. Number 4 is 7 pot primo with 1,469,000 SHU.


3 – 7 Pot Douglah

Would you just look at that! Even just looking gives my eyes pain. I cannot imagine eating this. 7 pot douglah is our number 3 in our list with  1.853.936 SHU.


2 – Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

World second hottest pepper is also belongs to trinidad family. It has 2.009.231 SHU.


1 – Carolina Reaper

They are reaper alright! Number 1 in our list is Carolina reaper. It is not only the number 1 in our list but Guinness records as well. Up there I have mentioned that some people were injured because eating too mush pepper of viper. However, even one of these peppers are enough to put you in a hospital. Of course, it depence from person to person, however, you must be very careful when you want to put something on your mouth with a SHU of 2,200,000.



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