Top 10 Fastest Animals

We should be fast for being first. We should be fast for life. You need to run you need to be fast as you can. Lots of commercial and advertisements are related to this. The same thing is to apply for them and they know they must hunt. And hunt knows it should escape from it. So animals fast because of saving their lives.

If they had the chance, they would have completed about it.

Let’s take a look at the fastest;


10-Gazelle -Max Speed=80 km/h

They are fast because of Africa’s hunter. Their meats are tasty and delicious for them. Maybe they are attractive.


9-Atlantic Swordfish-Max Speed=80 km/h

If Zorro lived under the sea, he would be a swordfish. Fast, ruthless and agile. They use their ‘sword’  for leading and being fastest.



8-Lion-Max Speed=88 km/h

This is the king. They rule the animals. Strongest hunter. But not the fastest. Sorry king; you are 8th. But we love you anyway.


7-South Africa Antelope-Max Speed=88 km/h

Another meal for the predator. They live gregarious so its hard to hunt them.


6-Swordfish-Max Speed=88 km/h

It’s the second sword for us but faster than Atlantic one.


5-American Antelope-Max Speed=88 km/h

They live an American dream. But escaping from hunters running and bouncing at the same time.


4-Istiophorus platypterus-Max Speed=108.8 km/h

The last fastest swordfish. Actually not a swordfish. They live Pacific and Atlantic sea. They live approx. 13years.


3-Cheetah-Max Speed=115.8 km/h

Suprised right? Famous cheetah is not the fastest animal in the world. They run fast but getting tired very quick. Approx. 20-30 seconds later they lose their speed during hunting. Also, their kind is extinct dangerously.



2-Apus apus-Max Speed=115.8 km/h

You can’t see it while feeding or staying stable. It always escapes from the other living creatures. Their wings always stay ‘W’ or ‘I’; means never closed.


1-Max Speed=387.2 km/h

Actually, their fly speed is 180km/h but their diving speed is 387.7 km/h. That’s incredible. We are lucky because they feed with little birds.


Additional potato;

Our proud -Usain Bolt–Max Speed=44.72 km/h

For humanity, he is the fastest!!



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