Top 10 Marvel’s Strongest Characters

As you know the last Avengers movie was incredible ( according to me) and we learned about some of the character’s secret powers and weaknesses.  Maybe you are wondering about the powers of  Marvel characters. So we prepare Marvel’s top 10 most powerful characters for you. Maybe we can find the real hero who can beat Thanos:)

Here we go ;

10 – Odin

We all know from Thor and Loki’s father. And maybe the others know form Age Of Mythology Odin the God. Odin ruled the Asgard and protected it from the other badass villains many many many .. years.  Odin is an immortal and he can regenerate himself fast and more efficiency.


9- Onslaught

Half of it X-men creator -Xavier, the other half is an anti-human Magneto. Imagine evilness and powerful mind in one shape.  It can resist Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-men. Onslaught is an energy which an indestructible powerful armor with it.


8-Franklin Richards

Son of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman. He can control time, reality and materials.He can create his own reality and do whatever he wants. At first ages, he uses his superpowers for goodness but in time he fights for the villains. Also, he is a cute boy.



It is hungry, it needs energy. So who provide energy to Galactus? Galactus prefers planets. It is so powerful that he can be consumed by stars, planet maybe the universe.

He was a normal creature at first. But some kind of destroyer virus killed it’s planet and virus has its body. And then he started to conquer the planets but it doesn’t know why it is doing this? We will never know.

Stay away from it.



He is the father of sorcerers. I never met him but I think he is a good guy in this Universe. He tries the keep away from the whole universe. He has limitless source power. He is the secret power inside Juggernaut.


5-Phoenix Force

It is the balance of the universe. It connected with Jean-Grey and after that, it became the most powerful character in X-men. However, it turns the dark side for a short time but she came back and defeat Apocalypse. By the way, I prefer Famke Janssen:)



It is the last bender of the universe. Of course, it can bend time and reality, not elements. Maybe it can bend itself who knows.


3-Living Tribunal

He can beat Thanos. He can beat another powerful character. He is the one which does not belong to the other universes. But does not appear so much except the emergency situations. Also, he has 3 faces so be careful he can see everything.



He is a cool guy. He can do whatever he wants. He is the guy who sits the bar next to you, he is the guy who is giving pieces of advice. Big Uncle Beyonder. I think he represents Jack Kirby.


1- One Above All

Do you believe in god? I don’t your belief but you better believe the god in Marvel’s world. It’s everything and everywhere. Turn you’re had you will see a woman and you will think it is the God. We love you, Stan Lee!

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